Science Fair

Science Fair Dates:  February 21-22, 2018,

Family Science Night:  February 21, 2018, 6-7:30 PM

LAST DAY TO REGISTER February 2, 2018

Dear 2018 Science Fair Participants and Family,


Project pickup, drop-off, and display times

  • Projects should be dropped off and set up in the auditorium on Wednesday February 21 before school, 7:30-8:10AM.  If you are unable to drop off your project during that time please contact us.
  • STUDENTS MUST BE PRESENT TO ANSWER QUESTIONS FROM THE JUDGES DURING RECESS ON Wednesday February 21, 2018.  No parents will be allowed during the judging portion.  We will send home a reminder with the date and time 1 week before judging.
  • Your project will be on display school hours on Thursday, February 22, as well as during Science Night, (Feb 21, 6-7:30PM).
  • Projects must be picked up after school on Thurs February 22 until 3:15 PM.

Reminders and tips

  • Please contact us ASAP if you need electricity or have any other special needs for your project.
  • Every project must have a display board (see back for tips) and your display should fit within that 36”W x 48” H tri-fold display board.
  • Your display board should include all parts of the scientific method.
  • Hands-on displays are great, but if you do not want your display to be touched…put a sign that says, “Please do not touch”.

Judging and Prizes

  • Gift card prizes will be given for GRAND PRIZE AND HONORABLE MENTION projects.
  • Winners will be announced at Science Night!
  • Projects will be judged on all of the following categories:
  • Original Concept: How unique is the project idea?
  • Display Board and Project: What does the project look like?
  • Scientific Method (SM): How well did the student follow SM?
  • Experimental Method: Did the student complete all steps of the experiment?
  • Grade-level Appropriate: Is the project idea at the right grade-level?
  • Student Knowledge: How well did the student answer the judges’ questions?

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns…or even if you need a little help on your project!!

Thanks,  Ms. Allinger, Room 608, and

Alison Halko, (619)253-1036

Tips to Start Your Science Fair Project…

Step 1:  Pick a topic of interest and gather information.  Your teacher and library are great resources!

Step 2:  Come up with a good question

What is the effect of __________ on ____________?

How does the ________________affect__________?

Which/What ______________(verb)____________? (Verbs)-is, do, makes, is, tastes…

Step 3:  Do some research and form a hypothesis.

Step 4:  Test your hypothesis and form data.

Step 5:  Determine your results and reach a conclusion.

Step 6:  Create your display board and display.  Include all parts of the scientific method.

  • Please use a standard, three-panel display board that unfolds to be 36″ tall by 48″ wide.
  • Organize your information like a newspaper so that your audience can quickly follow the thread of your experiment by reading from top to bottom, then left to right. Include each step of your science fair project: hypothesis, background, materials, procedures, data, results, and conclusion.
  • Use a font size of at least 16 points for the text on your display board, so that it is easy to read from a few feet away. It’s OK to use slightly smaller fonts for captions on picture and tables.
  • The title should be big and easily read from across the room. Choose one that accurately describes your work, but also grabs peoples’ attention.
  • A picture speaks a thousand words! Use photos or draw diagrams to present non-numerical data, to propose models that explain your results, or just to show your experimental setup.  Try not to put text on top of photographs or images.  It can be very difficult to read.



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