School Safety

We will be recruiting parents to serve on our Safety Committee for the 17-18 school year.  If you have a suggestion or idea about how we can improve safety or other campus procedures, you are also welcome to serve on the committee, attend meetings, add a comment to this blog, or email the Principal at or our Associate Principal at

School Safety is a priority at Salt Creek.  The Site Emergency Procedures Plan and the Comprehensive Safe School Plan are readily in the front office for public view.  These important documents outline how emergencies and disasters are handled at our school.

Disaster & Emergency Preparedness Presentation


3 thoughts on “School Safety

  1. Dear parents
    I would like to recommend that we do not organize individual student kits, rather we donate money or supplies to create ONE single classroom kit for lockdown/shelter in place needs (to stay in the teacher’s classroom). I think that individual kits are nice, but in a true emergency we need all of their basic needs met and individual kits can be an equity issue and a safety hazard.

    I am a high school teacher and I created a kit similar to this for my own classroom and I would be happy to help assemble it.

    Recently, when a school in our district was on lockdown for 6 hours, the greatest need was food, water and a toilet. Individual kits in ziploc bags cannot accomplish this for an entire class. I brought this to Ms. Perez’s attention and that of the PTG and both seemed interested in this discussion and both will be bringing it to the safety committee.

    This kit can be easily created and stored in a classroom for future years (hopefully never needed). Please reply all if you are interested in donating money for this for our children’s needs.

    Julie Ratchford

    • Hi Mrs. Ratchford, would it be possible for you to either bring a sample or photos of the kit you assembled at your high school to the next PTG meeting and to our pending Safety Committee Meeting? Thanks for the great idea! Mrs. Perez

  2. Hi Mrs. Ratchford….to follow up on your comment above, the School Safety Committee met last week and we are in agreement in having each class have a standard Classroom Emergency Kit, as you suggested. We will kick this off at the beginning of the new school year. Thank you for the photo of the example, it was helpful to the committee. Can you please provide a list of items to the committee prior to July? We will create a flyer and have the room moms in charge of ensuring that their class has the necessary items. Keep the great ideas coming! Mrs. Perez

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