Homework Help

Homework Policy:  All teachers assign homework to provide practice that supports classroom instruction.  We understand that family time and extracurricular activities are important, so our teachers do their best to assign homework that falls within these timeframes, not including reading.   We also understand that each child is different, so if your child is struggling with homework, or if the work assigned cannot be completed within the general timeframes, please speak with your child’s teacher.

Kindergarten:  10 minutes

1st/2nd Grade:  20 minutes

3rd Grade:  30 minutes

4th Grade:  40 minutes

5th Grade:  50 minutes

6th Grade:  60 minutes

Here are some websites that can be helpful:

CVESD Student Apps (Office 365, Go Math, Achieve 3000, Benchmark, etc.)

Khan Academy – This site has videos for that explain most math concepts. It’s a great place to start, especially if you haven’t seen math since you were in high school.

Spelling City – This site provides free and premium activities for students to enter their spelling words and vocabulary for practice.

IXL Math – This site has interactive math problems and practice problems that is sorted by grade level.

Starfall – This site is for early literacy.  Our beginning readers can practice word families and vowel patterns with free interactive games.

Collection of Parent Resources – This collection of parent resources is categorized by Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary so you can find something for your children in every phase of life.

Helping Your Child ReadSpanish translation – This is a great site for all parents, but especially for those who don’t speak English as a first language.  There is plenty you can do to encourage literacy and learning.


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