Entrepreneur Academy

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This program, which provides a Project-Based Learning opportunity for our students, integrates creativity, collaboration, innovation, business planning, marketing, math, and speaking skills for our young entrepreneurs.  The BizWorld curriculum is used to teach this program, and guest speakers in the business field are often invited.  This program is offered to 4th-6th grade students, and GATE students are highly encouraged to participate.   This 6-week after school program is FREE and culminates in an actual Entrepreneur Fair, where students launch their businesses and sell their products.  

The Academy will take place in the MPR from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. on the dates listed below. 

Session 1: EA Orientation, Business Basics, Business Plan – Oct. 24, 3 – 4 PM

Session 2: Design Process and Developing a Pitch – Nov. 7, 3 – 4 PM

Session 3: Creating a Prototype, Manufacturing, Pricing  – Nov. 14, 3 – 4 PM

Session 4: Marketing / Promoting Your Product / Pitch – Nov. 28, 3 – 4 PM

Session 5: Entrepreneur Fair – Dec. 1, All Day

Session 6: Entrepreneur Academy Debrief & Awards – Dec. 2, 9:00 AM

(If you would like to be a guest speaker for this program, or if you would like to collaborate on ideas to enhance the learning experience for our students, please contact Mrs. Perez or Mr. Cochran! We would love your help and your ideas)

Secret Millionaires Kids’ Club Website

7 thoughts on “Entrepreneur Academy

  1. Mrs.Perez, will we have an entrepreneur club this year? I was in it last year and I would love to have one again this year. Thank you so much. – Julia Palma, 6th grade

    • Hi Julia, yes we will start Entrepreneur Club next quarter. We will be including business lessons and other activities into the program to make it better, so I look forward to a great program! Mrs. Perez

      • Hi Mrs. Perez, I just wanted to know when we were going to start the Entrepreneur Club because I wanted to know when to get started making my products! Thanks!
        -Isabella Ulloa, 6th grade

      • Hi Isabella! You have perfect timing! We will be sending home an invitation to all 4th, 5th, and 6th graders next week to invite them to join our Salt Creek Entrepreneur Academy. The Academy will be very exciting as you will learn about how to best develop your product ideas and how to create a business plan. You will need to attend three Academy sessions in order to participate in the fair. Please look out for that announcement and come to the first Academy session before you start making your products. I can’t wait for the program to get started! Mrs. Perez

    • Hi Mrs. Mosquiera! Thanks for inquiring! I’ve just posted the dates on the Entrepreneur Academy Page. I hope this helps! I look forward to another great session with great learning, creative businesses and goods from our students! Mrs. Perez

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