2017-18 YEAR ROUND School Calendar


15 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. Thank you, Mr. Winters for this calendar! I easily added calendar dates to my personal google calendar! Great idea. No excuses for not know what’s going on at school!

  2. Absolutely helpful, easy access and user friendly.
    Thank you very much Mr. Winters to keep your community well informed:) Way to go!
    None of our high schools have this!

    • Thanks for the feedback. If you have any suggestions for improving the site, don’t hesitate to share. We love to hear suggestions from our community so that the communication meets their needs.

  3. Ms. Perez
    I am very hopeful that an active and robust calendar for Salt Creek will be up and running. It needs to be comprehensive so that parents don’t have to sort through all the various pages of WordPress to find an event. Until that time, communication between site and parents is hampered. I am happy to help in this regard.

    • Yes, Mrs. Ratchford, a new Google calendar is already developed and we are working to upload it now. I’ve cleared the old account to make room for the new. PTG is assisting with this and we look forward to providing the new calendar to all parents via WordPress ASAP. Thanks!

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  5. Can we please have the 6th grade events for the end of the 2014-15 school year added to the calendar? Just looking to see what will be happening when so parents can arrange for time off work, etc. Thanks so much!

      • Hello, thanks for your feedback! We’ll get that into the calendar format for you as soon as possible! In the meantime, I did a separate post last week outlining all of the activities, dates, times and locations. If you scroll the blog you should be able to see it. I’ll send a separate email with all of that info as well! Thanks! Mrs. Perez

    • Hello – Yes, we will get those dates into the calendar format for you. In the meantime, there was a separate post last week outlining all of the 6th grade activities. Let me know if you didn’t see it. We’ll send a separate email to all 6th grade families as well! Thanks! Mrs. Perez

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