Bullying Prevention Program

At Salt Creek we use a variety of tools to promote the Social and Emotional Well Being and Safety of our students on campus.  We use:

  • Olweus Bully Prevention Program
  • Six Pillars of Character
  • Sanford Harmony
  • Restorative Practices

In addition, we hold TEAM FRIDAYS every 6-8 weeks where students participate in relationship-building activities and lessons in mixed, multi-grade teams.

School wide we practice the following rules:

1.)  Be Respectful  2.)  Be Responsible  3.)  Be Safe


At the beginning of each quarter, we hold a School Pride Assembly to communicate clear expectations for student success and safety on campus.  You can download a copy of the presentation here:  Salt Creek School Pride Assembly 17-18

We promote and encourage positive and safe behavior with individual and class GOTCHA awards.  We also strive to use restorative strategies to resolve conflicts and  progressive discipline to address behaviors that do not support respect, responsibility and safety.  Should you have a concern about an incident regarding your child, we encourage you to first speak with your child’s classroom teacher.  Teachers work with students and families first to resolve conflicts.   Should you need additional assistance, please contact Principal Perez or Associate Principal Vasquez.

Below are resources for you to view should you need assistance or information with bullying issues:

CVESD Bullying Prevention Web Page and Online Reporting

Bully Prevention Parent Presentation

Bully Rules

Parent Tips if you child has been bullied

Parent Tips if your child has bullied others

Parent Tips if you child is a witness to bullying

Pacer Kids Against Bullying Interactive Website

Stop Bullying Interactive Website

Board Policy regarding Bullying

To report an incident of suspected bullying or bullying, please contact your child’s teacher, Mrs. Perez or Mrs. Vasquez via phone call, email, or leave a note at the front office.  You may also report bullying online through the CVESD website.  Thank you!


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