Important Announcement Regarding Prohibited Items

Dear Parents,


The selling of items from student to student is prohibited on campus.  Please speak with your child about this issue and let them know that they may neither sell nor purchase items on campus from other students.


In addition, toys are not allowed on campus.  This includes fidget spinners and trading cards.  These toys can be a distraction from learning and sometimes disrupt school operations.  The school’s expectation is that any such items will be away and out of view during school hours or will be subject to confiscation.


Candy is also prohibited from being distributed on campus.  Please do not allow your child to share or sell candy to students, and do not allow them to purchase or accept candy as well.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  Feel free to contact the school office if we can help in any way.




Lalaine Perez, Principal

Robert Cochran, Associate Principal


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