Imagination Machine Authors

Congratulations to the authors of the selected stories for the Imagination Machine assembly! The assembly will be held on Monday, May 1st.

Mr. Stone 5th Grade:   Jillian Jeter/Riley Johnson,  The “Scary” Story
Mrs. Marquez 4th Grade:  Joshua Adam Chu, The Little Green Martian
Mrs. Romero 3rd Grade:   Addie Orhmund, Barbie Dolls
Mr. Mendoza 3rd Grade:  Bryce Palmer, The Lost $1000 Bill
Mrs. Mielke 2nd Grade:   Minhtu Ngyuen, Broccoli the Broccoli
Ms. Molyneux 1st Grade:  Angel Uriel Fountain Ruiz, James & the Purple Vest
Ms. Allinger 1st Grade:  Melanie Saunders/Makenzie Bataller, The Baby Owl
Ms.Praggastis Kindergarten:   Elliot Roff, Ella The Elf

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