After School Dismissal Announcement

Hello Families,

Safety for all students at dismissal time is very important, and we are monitoring that students go directly to where they need to be after school.

Please speak with your child to ensure that if they are attending an after school program such as DASH, Homework Club, FitKids, Extended Day Tutoring, or any other on campus program that they head directly there from class where there is adult supervision.  Siblings of students in tutoring may not wait for them unsupervised.

If your child gets picked up in a vehicle, they must go directly to the yellow line at the front of the school and wait.  They may not run, chase, play, or wait in the grass area or any areas behind a red zone.

Students walking home must begin walking right after dismissal, and students riding the bus are dismissed 2-3 minutes early to line up for the bus at the bus circle.  

Please remind your child that they may not go the playground, play on the play structure, wall ball courts, or soccer field.  There is no supervision in these areas.  A child can only be in these areas if their parent is supervising them directly.

In addition, we are asking parents to please be on time to pick up your child.  The longer students have to wait for their ride, the longer they are left unsupervised.  Administration does bring students into the quad area by 3:00 p.m. (1:30 on Minimum Days) for safety reasons, and starting fourth quarter, we will be bringing students into the office and parents will be required to come in and sign students out.  We understand that from time to time there will be an emergency that will cause you to be late, and for those rare instances, please just give us a courtesy call in the front office so that we are aware.

Thank you for your cooperation and for working with us to ensure safety for your child and for all children!  If you are interested in volunteering during dismissal, that would be a great help to us – please let us know!


Mrs. Perez and Mr. Cochran


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