Raining Outside? Write a Story…

Calling all Salt Creek Students!

The Imagination Machine is coming to our school this year. If you wish to participate, please follow the story guidelines. A few stories will be chosen to come life in an assembly on May 1st, 2017. Good Luck!

The Imagination Machine

Story Guidelines

  1. Each story submitted must be labeled with the student’s full name, grade level, and teacher’s name.
  2. We accept as many stories as possible. We would rather have too many than too few.
  3. We accept stories from one to two sentences on up, but not exceeding, two pages.
  4. Variety, creativity and imagination are highly encouraged!
  5. All submitted stories must be on paper no larger than 8 1/2 x 11in.
  6. All grade levels are encouraged to participate. Stories may be written individually or by a collaboration of two or more authors.


Writings that will not be accepted:

  1. Due to memorization required on a daily basis, we are not able to perform plays. (AKA scripts)
  2. Book reports, essays and lists will not be considered for performance.
  3. Out of sensitivity to elementary school environments, we will not perform stories containing “potty humor”, nor realistic violence.


All stories must be submitted in the PTG box in the front office no later than MARCH 15, 2017



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