Bus Reminders

To take advantage of transportation services for your child, please visit the CVESD Transportation Department web page.  Parents must submit an application online to register their child for the bus.

It is very important that you communicate with your child’s teacher if you are newly enrolling your child for bus transportation, or if you have made changes to the days your child will ride the bus.

If your child is riding the bus as a guest, they must have a note signed by you, the parent and the school principal.

Thank you!


Click here for Transportation Application Form

Click here for CVESD Transportation web page and information

(If you have any questions or comments, please contact the school office or the CVESD Transportation Department directly.)


2 thoughts on “Bus Reminders

  1. My kids have been riding the same bus for the past two and a half years. Is this something that everyone has to do because it is new?

    • HI Mrs. Saunders, it would be a good idea to call Transportation to make sure they have your kids registered. They have been making changes in Transportation over the last few years to improve services to our families. Thanks! Mrs. Perez

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