Congratulations to our School Spelling Bee Winners!

Congratulations to our school Spelling Bee Winners – they did a great job at Saturday’s school competition!  The top 2 students in each grade level will move forward to compete in the District Spelling Bee on February 11 at Salt Creek.  We will all be rooting for you!!!!


  • 1st Place: Maggie Pacleb
  • 2nd Place: Kaelyn Zehder
  • 3rd Place: Radhika Patel

1st Grade:

  • 1st Place: Rai Telebrico
  • 2nd Place: Ryan Tandy
  • 3rd Place: Kirra Patel

2nd Grade:

  • 1st Place:  Alexa Sazon
  • 2nd Place:  Jonas Shelledy
  • 3rd Place:  Nate Pacleb

3rd Grade:

  • 1st Place:  Abigail Kim
  • 2nd Place:  Nate Best
  • 3rd Place:  Natalie Alba

4th Grade:

  • 1st Place:  Francisco “Paco” Perez
  • 2nd Place:  Cyan Piring
  • 3rd Place:  Audrey Crescini

5th Grade:

  • 1st Place:  Ethan Ririe
  • 2nd Place:  Isabella Robinson
  • 3rd Place:  Joshua Cannon

6th Grade:

  • 1st Place:  Nika Woehl
  • 2nd Place:  Ryan Duarte
  • 3rd Place:  Madilyn Kelly

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