Basketball Update


Dear Salt Creek Families,

We understand that many students were looking forward to participating in basketball this season, and we  were equally excited to offer this sport to our students and community.  With regard to finding a basketball coach, this has been a difficult year.  A coach volunteered to lead our team in November and was cleared by our Human Resources division.  This week, however, the gentleman informed us that he will no longer be able to coach the team.  As such, we are sad to say that we have to cancel the season.  In future years, we will continue to look for parent and teacher volunteers to assist with coaching basketball.  Thank you for your understanding.

Robert Cochran, Associate Principal



2 thoughts on “Basketball Update

    • In regards to a coach, we did find someone, however, he was unable to fulfill his commitment at the last moment. We were very disappointed at the news. At this point, it will be too late. It takes several weeks to clear a coach with CPR training, fingerprints, background check, etc. Games have already started for the season. We are looking forward to next season and already have a parent who has volunteered. Thank you for your interest and support! Mrs. Perez/Mr. Cochran

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