Happy New Year! School Resumes Tuesday, January 10, 2017!


Happy New Year!  We hope that you are all enjoying the Winter Break and are staying warm and dry!  Don’t forget, school starts again on TUESDAY, JANUARY 10, 2017.  It will be a minimum day,  so please make sure that students are picked up from school on time.

Let’s start fresh in 2017 by making a pledge to drive with extra caution and courtesy on the school campus.  Tips for making 2017 even safer during arrival and dismissal include:

  • Don’t rush – give yourself extra time in the morning so that you are not driving too fast to make it to school on time.
  • Don’t text/talk on phone will driving.   This is extremely unsafe as children are present!
  • Do not block the crosswalk.  There is a new sign on Hunte Parkway reminding motorists to keep crosswalks clear for pedestrians.
  • Do not drop off of pick up children in between the parking lanes.  Students should not be walking in the parking lot unaccompanied as they are not easily seen by motorists and can be struck by a car that is backing up.  Please pick up your child in the yellow loading zone.

Please join me in making this your New Year’s Resolution for a safe campus during arrival and dismissal!!  Please share this information with older siblings, grandparents, and babysitters/nannies who come to drop off or pick up your children.


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