Spirit Week & Costume Parade!

Next week Student Council has planned Spirit Week with fun Dress Up Days, and we have some important announcements about the daily themes and some guidelines we’d like everyone to follow.

Monday: Rainbow Grades Dress Up Days

  • Kindergarten – RED
  • 1st Grade – ORANGE
  • 2nd Grade – GREEN
  • 3rd Grade – PURPLE
  • 4th Grade – YELLOW
  • 5th Grade – WHITE
  • 6th Grade – BLUE

Tuesday: Multiples Day (Dress alike with your friends…twins, triplets, etc.)!

Wednesday: Dress like your Teacher Day!

Thursday: Wear a shirt with your favorite TV or movie character!

Friday: Costume Parade at 8:30 a.m.

IMPORTANT, please…

  • DO NOT wear clown costumes.
  • DO NOT wear a mask or cover  your face.
  • DO NOT bring toy weapons.
  • School Dress Code Still Applies (no spaghetti straps, no costumes below mid-thigh, please wear appropriate shoes)

Thank you to your families for following these guidelines so that we can have a safe and fun week!


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