Attendance Awareness Month!


September is School Attendance Awareness Month!  Help your child set good habits for school attendance early.  Attendance is correlated with school success, and at Salt Creek we have a goal to improve our attendance rate, which is currently at 96.85% to 97%.  We encourage families to take trips and vacations during scheduled school breaks on our calendar, to make dental and doctor’s appointments for after school hours, and to request Independent Study Contracts when necessary at least one week in advance.  Remember, as a school we must uphold the Board Policy on absences and valid excuses, so please contact our Attendance Health Secretary, Emma Williams, if you have any questions about what absences can be excused.

Congratulations to the following classrooms in each grade level that have the highest attendance rate for the month of August.  We will recognize classrooms monthly, and classrooms will be able to house the Attendance Trophy for the month:

  • Kindergarten:  Farrar/Praggastis  98.33%
  • 1st Grade:  Shepersky  99%
  • 2nd Grade:  Jones  98.55%
  • 3rd Grade:  Escalona  99.03%
  • 4th Grade:  Haber 97.56%
  • 5th Grade:  Stone  99.03%
  • 6th Grade:  Elmore  98.15%

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