PTG Budget Vote and Feedback

Letter from Mason Chu, PTG President
We are two weeks into the school year, with curriculum night behind us and our first PTG membership drive ending Friday.  I wanted to take this chance to thank you all and our teachers for listening to our messages about the PTG.  I wanted to point out a couple things that sometimes gets lost in our message-we know so many are scared that signing up with the PTG means a big time commitment and that is not the intention of why we want families to join.  One of the most over looked reasons is we need your excellent ideas and feedback in how you all think we could improve our school.
For example one of our PTG board members shared with me that one of the kinder families mentioned that they would love to see some type of shade or covering over the kinder play structure, and the same was mentioned for the main playground as well.  Suggestions like these are the types of feedback we want. However,  it is very difficult when our PTG membership is so low to hear the many ideas you parents have. Let your voices be heard!
Your simple donation of $15 is a simple way of saying we care and want to see the best for our children.  It was passed on to me from another parent from Salt Creek that the highest participation of PTG membership at Salt Creek was 55% a few years back and I found that very unfortunate.  We plan to begin start a handful of surveys to get your feedback on what kind things you would love to see changed, improved or more resources shifted towards at our school.
As we shared during our messages in the classroom during curriculum night, $50 on average is spent on each student, with over $50k overall.  With that much funding the PTG board and current members we vote and review of our PTG budget for the 2016-2017 School Year.  The PTG Budget vote/feedback deadline was set for today Friday, August 5th, I have learned that in past years we have not had very much feedback or votes on the PTG Budget.  Below we have attached a copy of the PTG Budget and a survey monkey vote.  We will also be extending the live PTG Budget vote to next Tuesday, August 9th, please take the next couple days to review.
You can also pick up an absentee ballot at the main office along with a copy of the PTG Budget for your review. This will be due back to the PTG box no later than 3:00PM Monday August 8th, 2016. The live voting will be available on Tuesday August 9th from 2:30-2:55 in front of the Main concourse. Please note that only current PTG members can vote on the Budget.
I personally would love to have any parents with suggestions to please share your ideas to me at or via the upcoming surveys that we will be sending out via survey monkey!!

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