Yearbooks are Here!

Yearbooks have arrived and are being delivered by Friday afternoon to the students who have pre-ordered.

Any extra yearbooks will be on sale Tuesday, May 31 before school only!  Yearbooks are $25 (cash or check, “Salt Creek PTG”) and will be first come, first served while supplies last.



4 thoughts on “Yearbooks are Here!

  1. Thank you Allison! Can you please set aside 3 yearbooks for me? Please let me know and I will bring you the check today at dismissal.

    Thank you!!!


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  2. Thank you! I’m not sure if I ordered Jacob’s Chong at the beginning of the school year…sorry. If I didn’t I will be there on Tue.

    Thank you, Cynthia Chong

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  3. Hi. My girls, Isabel and Lydia Chavez did not receive a yearbook. We purchased a PTG membership that includes a yearbook and I can’t remember which was supposed to get one – probably Isabel. Is there someone in particular I should follow up with? Thanks!

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