Congratulations to Ethan Stroberg, Salt Creek’s Optimist of the Year!

IMG_8459  IMG_8462

Each year the Eastlake Optimist Club recognizes 6th grade students who represent the characteristics of the Optimist Creed.  This year, Ethan Stroberg was selected and honored at the Youth Recognition ceremony.  Please read what his teacher, Mrs. Jimenez, has to say about Ethan.  We are very proud of you, Ethan! Congratulations!

Ethan exemplifies all the attributes an optimist embodies: he demonstrates the principles of citizenship, character, leadership and sportsmanship, at school and throughout our community.

At school, Ethan leads by example. He is a captain in our Safety Patrol. As a captain, he has demonstrated great responsibility and PATIENCE. And I stress patience because this is not an easy task, as traffic can get a little hectic in the morning. 

He is also a Student Ambassador at Salt Creek. Student Ambassadors are selected because they demonstrate responsibility, respect, communication skills, and a friendly demeanor. This entails welcoming new students, being a friendly face, showing them the ropes, and being there for support.

Ethan is also a member of our Student Council as the school treasurer. As we all know, students who participate in student council sometimes need to step out of class to attend meetings or fulfill their student council duties. Ethan is a responsible students who is always willing and ready to make up any work missed if he needs step out of class. And this of course, also takes a lot of dedication and commitment.

In our community, Ethan has also proven to be a leader with great character. He is a member of the Boy Scouts of America. He has earned several merit badges while learning and helping others. Ethan demonstrates the ability and willingness to work well with others as a member of his troop and always strives to be an outstanding member of the community.

In addition, Ethan is a “Challenger Buddy”. He describes this as a group who helps differently abled athletes play baseball.” He strives to make the sport enjoyable for all. Clearly, Ethan is a true example of Sportsmanship.

It has been a great honor to be Ethan’s teacher this year. Thank you Ethan for your positive attitude, your can-do spirit, and your interest in always helping others. And thank you Mr. & Mrs. Stroberg for allowing Ethan to be part of our Salt Creek community. I look forward to hearing about Ethan and all the wonderful things I’m sure he will continue to do as he shapes our future.


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