The PTG Needs You!

Are you interested in getting more involved at the school?  If you answered YES, the PTG board is the perfect place to get involved.

If you are a current PTG member, and you would like to be a part of the 2016-2018 Salt Creek PTG Executive Board, please nominate yourself by returning the attached form to the office by Friday, April 15, 2016.

5 OPEN PTG Executive Board Positions for 2016-2018 School Years

  • All positions are open to teachers, and/or parent/guardians of Salt Creek students
  • All nominees must be a current Salt Creek PTG members
  • All positions are for 2 years (ending June 2018)
  • Director positions may be held by 2 volunteers, please submit forms together

 President: The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the SCPTG and its Executive Board and will supervise the general management of the group.

Secretary: The Secretary will create and maintain all meeting minutes, vote summaries, and maintain any and all documents to ensure historical continuity.

Parliamentarian: The Parliamentarian will ensure all meetings and votes follow the Salt Creek PTG bylaws. The Parliamentarian will also review the bylaws annually.

Director(s) of Volunteers: The Director(s) of Volunteers will be the main point of contact for all volunteer lists and room parents.

Director(s) of Programs: The Director(s) of Programs will review, choose, and implement assemblies and other educational programs to enhance student experience.

Nomination Form 2016-18



One thought on “The PTG Needs You!

  1. Hi Alison,

    In filling out the below form for Secretary, I noticed the date specified on the flyer says its due by Monday, April 11th, while the e-mail says Friday, April 15th. i hope my turning it in tomorrow doesn’t hold anything up.

    It looks as though I need to hand-write a brief summary, as opposed to typing it, in the form. In addition to handwriting it, I’ve also typed this out below – hopefully this will save some time transcribing it into the ballot!

    Thanks, Michelle

    I am running for Secretary because I am passionate about our students learning by example. Through its fun activities, events and fundraisers, I believe the PTG plays a pivotal role in providing our students with leadership opportunities, and recognition of talent. I’m excited to take on the responsibility of Secretary, and feel my experience as a room parent, Girl Scout leader, and volunteer for various Salt Creek PTG events emphasizes my commitment to our school and community. Furthermore, my previous employment as a Manager/ Senior Scientist has taught me the importance of record keeping, attention to detail, and interpersonal communication in accomplishing group goals. I look forward to working collaboratively with other PTG board members, parents, students and staff, and thank you for this opportunity.


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