Congratulations Spelling Bee Winners!


Congratulations to all of our classroom winners that participated in our school Spelling Bee this past Saturday!  We are so proud of each and every one of them!  We would also like to commend the school grade level winners!  The top two students in each grade level will advance to the District competition next Saturday at Hedenkamp Elementary.   A big THANK  YOU to Miss Kristin Hansen, 6th grade teacher, for being our Spelling Bee Coordinator.  Thank you also to our judges, Mrs. Bartulio and Mrs. Calcote, as well as Mrs. Hernandez, who assisted with registration. Mr. Cochran and I were also honored to have been a part of this memorable event.

1st place: Lukas Hagman
2nd place: Andre Nunez
3rd Place: Rai Telebrico

First Grade:
1st place: Jonas Shelledy
2nd place: Nia Anglo
3rd place: Madeline Ratchford

Second Grade:
1st place: Abigail Kim
2nd grade: Isabella Augustine
3rd place: Mikaela Boggs

Third Grade:
1st place: Lucas Bame
2nd place: Diego Turner
3rd place: Joshua Diones

Fourth Grade:
1st place: Aiden Hancock
2nd place: Isabella Robinson
3rd place: Andrew Hagler

Fifth Grade:
1st place: Ryan Duarte
2nd place: Rylee Johnson
3rd place: Nika Woehl

Sixth Grade:
1st place: Adrian Cabling
2nd place: Kay Hagler
3rd place: Bethany Kim



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