Math Festival Help Needed!

Parent help is needed at tomorrow’s Math Festival.  Parents are needed to help guide the students from station to station.  Strong math skills are not required to volunteer.  Below is the class schedule, please consider volunteering for a time slot or two.  Email – if you have any questions. Thank you!

8:35-9:10am Muhlbach, Escalona, Mendoza, Zendejas, Luna, Bernstein

9:15-9:50am Amador, Ricketts, Jimenez, Sanchez, Green, Farrar / Pragastis

9:55-10:30am Fernandes, Calcote, Hale, Moller, Vera,

10:35-11:10am Davison, Marquez (4), Kriss, Maes, Tontz, Mielke

11:15-11:50am Pollack, Fallon, Hansen, Kelly, Brambila, Allinger

1:25-2:00pm Haber, Basto, Stone, Shepersky, Hernandez

2:05-2:40pm Herrera, Jones, Bartulio, Martinez-Parra, Marquez (K)



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