Salt Creek Basketball Tryouts this Thursday!

Attention all interested 4th, 5th and 6th grade boys and girls!  We will be holding tryouts for our  Basketball Team this Thursday, Nov. 19 and Thursday, Dec. 3 from 3:00-4:00 p.m.  Please download the flyer below and bring it with you to tryouts!  Coach Nacamu, Coach Rush, Coach Estrella, and advisor Mrs. Jimenez will be organizing and overseeing our Basketball season this year.  We look forward to a fun season – we hope to see you at tryouts!

Salt Creek Tryouts


6 thoughts on “Salt Creek Basketball Tryouts this Thursday!

    • Hi Mrs. Byler, girls may try out as well, and if there is interest, it will be a Co-ed team instead of a Boys’ team. Please let your daughter know to please show up to tryouts! We look forward to seeing her! Thanks, Mrs. Perez

  1. Good morning, Will there also be a girls program? Our daughter has been playing since she was five years of age and has always competed with and against boys. I am sure there are many other girls that would definitely be interested in the program. I sincerely hope you could look into this. Thank you, Nanette and John Murphy

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    • Hi M/M Murphy…after clarifying with the coaches, we have updated the flyer – the tryouts are for both boys and girls. We will have a Co-Ed team, however, if there is enough interest we could possibly have both a Boys and separate Girls team. This can be discussed with the coaches during tryouts! I look forward to see how many of our students try out! Thanks for asking! Mrs. Perez

    • Hi Mrs. Ratchford…Boys and Girls may try out for Basketball. The team will be Co-Ed, and if there is enough interest, we may have a separate Boys Team and Girls Team. We will have to see how many interested girls attend the tryouts. You can contact the coaches for more details and specific questions. We look forward to having basketball back at Salt Creek! Mrs. Perez

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