Teacher Feature: Mr. Kriss!


(Teacher Feature is a weekly article highlighting a teacher, administrator or staff member at Salt Creek. Interviews are conducted and articles written by Salt Creek students who call themselves The Teacher Express(ers).)

Mr. Kriss is a 4th grade teacher at Salt Creek.

Hey, do you know who runs the school garden?  Mr Kriss!  Just take one look at our beautiful Salt Creek Garden.  Mr. Kriss does it all.  Even though he does spend a lot of time in the garden, his favorite thing to teach is science.

Here’s one funny story for ya:  One time when Mr. Kriss was teaching, a butterfly flew right across the classroom!  He and his class had a laugh.  I wish we were there!

Maybe a butterfly sounds unappetizing, but hopefully this part will cure that. Mr Kriss’s favorite snack is fruit.  Hungry now?  We love fruit too!

I think you are wondering why Mr. Kriss became a teacher.  His mom and his aunt were teachers.  I guess it runs in the family.

Mr. Kriss went to SDSU, just like Mr. Maes…where do you think he got his big brain?

Enough about school, let’s get to the fun part: weekends!  In his free time, Mr. Kriss hikes, bikes, watches football and hangs out with family and friends.

Last, but not least, Mr. Kriss doesn’t have any pets, just kids and butterflies.

Well, looks like we’re done…

Check ya later!


The Teacher Express(ers)


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