Teacher Feature: Mr. Maes!


(Teacher Feature is a weekly article highlighting a teacher, administrator or staff member at Salt Creek. Interviews are conducted and articles written by Salt Creek students who call themselves The Teacher Express(ers).)

Mr. Maes is a 4th grade teacher at Salt Creek.

Last week we interviewed Mr. Maes.  This is our first teacher feature and also happens to be our very own 4th grade teacher.  We asked him a few questions.  The first question was what college did you attend?  Mr. Maes went to 5 colleges!  Can you believe it?  Here they are: Grossmont Junior College, U.C. Santa Cruz, SDSU, U.C. San Diego and Southwestern.  A mouthful, right?

He was inspired to be a teacher by working on campuses at after-school programs and substitute teaching.  Want to know if Mr. Maes has any pets?  Well, if so, this is the right part for you! He has a dog named Arlo and he also had a cat named Georgio.

Even though Mr. Maes is a teacher, he has some free time on the weekend.  He loves to go camping with his son and wonderful wife.  He also likes to read.  (What teacher doesn’t??)  After recess, he shows his love of reading by reading to his “awesome” class. (He didn’t say “awesome” but we know we are.)  Also, his favorite thing to teach is reading.  Why do you think he reads to us?

Now we’ve told you about what he does on the weekend, but what does he snack on? Well,  it turns out…drumroll please…chips and dip!

Now for some gossip:  the funniest thing that happened to him as a teacher was one time he had a student sit right next to him in the classroom.  The student started talking to him like he was another student!  Eventually, he told her that he was her TEACHER!  Dun Dun Dunnnn!  Imagine her surprise!

Well, that’s it for this week.  Check ya later!


The Teacher Express(ers)


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