Meet our VAPA/P.E. Teachers!!!

Salt Creek’s Visual & Performing Arts program is off to a great start!  Thanks to funding provided by our District’s LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan), we share five full time VAPA and P.E. teachers with Veterans Elementary and Sunnyside Elementary.  Our teachers are here every Monday, Tuesday and Friday and work with all students K-6th.


Music:  Charisse Hines holds a BM in Music Education and can teach band, choir, and orchestra. She plays the trumpet, piano, flute, and trombone.  She has also worked at the SD Summer Music Institute.


Visual Arts:  Joanne Mathes holds a supplementary Art credential, and with 18 years classroom teaching experience, she integrates creativity, content, and her passion for art into the classroom.


Dance:  Alicia Davis has taught Musical Theater, Show Choir and Dance.  She has worked with Christian Youth Theater (CYT) as an Assistant Choreographer, Assistant Director, and Intern Director for many productions such as “Charlotte’s Webb” and “Aladdin”.


Theater/Drama:  Danielle Arnold has experience integrating Listening, Speaking, and Language Arts standards into her drama program at various CVESD schools.


Physical Education:  Erin Millikin has 14 years experience classroom teaching experience and coached soccer for twelve years.  She has background experience as a college athlete and possesses a passion for instilling healthy habits for fitness to her students.


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