New After School Programs!!!

New to our our line up of After School Programs at Salt Creek are FitKids Flag Football and Hip Hop classes and Dr. Zhivago’s Cartoon & Animation using Vector Graphics with iPads.  See flyers below for registration information.


Salt Creek Flyer bw


Salt Creek FitKids Flyer and Registration Form


2 thoughts on “New After School Programs!!!

  1. Dear Salt Creek & Ms Perez –

    The revised bus schedule below still shows Bus L in all cases for the Babbling Brook & Winding Fence route. Yesterday our son was told (or at least as he understood the instruction) that on Monday and Thursday afternoons he is to take bus T instead. We are concerned that the complexity of different buses by day of week as well as time of day is too confusing for an elementary student and carries the very possible danger of a lost child. Can you please clarify whether or not Babbling Brook / Winding Fence involves bus T or continues to be the Bus L only schedule as shown below?

    Thanks in advance.

    Regards, Michael & Bibiana Bulloch


    • Hello M/M Bulloch, I apologize, but there was an error in the bus schedule, and I will be sending a new post and an email to all families with the CORRECT and revised bus schedule. For Babbling Brook, the morning bus is L, the afternoon bus is T, Monday through Thursday. On minimum days, the afternoon bus remains L. I understand that this can be confusing for a young child, and the bus drivers suggest creating a tag that is pinned to the backpack. I hope this clarifies your question. I can also remind the teacher of his schedule. Thank you, Mrs. Perez

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