Salt Creek Soccer wins Championship!

2015-05-21 19.00.17 2015-05-21 18.55.21

Congratulations to our Mountain Lions for winning the finals tonight!  Our boys and girls took 1st place in our division for the third year in a row after beating the Hedenkamp Huskies 4-3 in a close and exciting game!  Hedenkamp did a great job – they are an awesome team, and it was a privilege for our boys and girls to compete with them!

Once again, thank you to Coach Herrera, your outstanding leadership and mentoring is undeniable!  Thank you to Coach Shepersky for your support during practices!  Thank you to Parent Coordinator Maggie Smargon for your parent leadership, communication, and for organizing snacks!  Thank you to all parents for your ongoing support – and thank you most of all to our Mountain Lion Soccer Team!  It was a great season – thank you for giving us this title again – you all make us so proud!!!!

Mountain Lions Lead the Way!!!!



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