Greyson Naugle honored as Salt Creek’s Optimist Award Recipient

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Each year each school in CVESD selects an outstanding 6th grade student to receive the prestigious Optimist Award.  This award is given to students who embody qualities such as inner strength, positivity, cheerfulness, enthusiasm, and self-improvement.  Salt Creek is proud to announce that this year’s recipient is Greyson Naugle.  Below is the speech given by his teacher, Mr. Kelly, at the Optimist Ceremony last night at Olympic View Elementary School.

Greyson embodies all of the qualities you would expect in any of the students being honored tonight: compassion, maturity, diligence, trustworthiness, courteousness, and intelligence. But there is more to Greyson’s character that sets him apart from his peers: initiative. Nobody has to ask Greyson to do anything. He sees a need and takes action. Greyson spearheads our Salt Creek garden crew, making sure the school garden space is ready and available for classes to visit at all times and that no scrap of office paper or greenery goes to waste and instead gets shredded and composted. Greyson is also a leader of our school ambassadors, greeting and orienting new students to our school and helping them feel welcomed and comfortable. Even though Greyson has many responsibilities outside of school, including those to his baseball teams and martial arts training, he never misses an assignment or asks for special privilege. In fact, you will always find Greyson with a wide smile and a friendly greeting, ready to take on a new challenge.

Congratulations, Greyson!  We are so proud of you!  You are an outstanding role model for all Salt Creek students!!!


One thought on “Greyson Naugle honored as Salt Creek’s Optimist Award Recipient

  1. Way to go, Greyson!! Your Virginia family is so proud of you. We already knew all this about you, now everyone does!! Love you lots, nephew of mine!!!

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