Celebrate Your Teacher With a Rose!

This week we are celebrating the teachers and the staff at Salt Creek!

This morning the staff enjoyed bagels with cream cheese, strawberries & chocolate, cookie treats and juice in the staff lounge during their breaks.

Tomorrow students can brighten their teacher’s day with a rose! At 7:30 am the PTG will be selling roses for $1 in front of the school. We ordered 200 roses in assorted colors for students to pick up on their way into class. Get there early to make sure you get a rose. 

On Wednesday the PTG will be hosting a Mediterranean themed luncheon for teachers & staff to enjoy during their break.

On Thursday students can stop by our table in the courtyard and fill out a note card to let our teachers & our staff know how much they are appreciated. Notecards will be displayed on our “Appreciation Wall” in the courtyard.


On Friday teachers and staff will enjoy a dessert bar in the staff lounge!

Parents and Student are encouraged to celebrate our teachers and staff in unique ways all week.


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