News From Our Busy Parking Lot!

Here are Happy Holidays Salt Creek Families!

In an effort to help all of us make it through our last day of school before Christmas Break with a Holly-Jolly Smile our faces, I wanted to remind everyone that there are 2nd Quarter Awards Assemblies for 3rd to 6th grade tomorrow morning. This makes our Parking Lot a busy place to be.

Here are some recommendations to help make morning drop off a bit more cheery!

  • If you don’t need to walk your children in or stay for an award assembly, please use our drop off lane. On a regular day, the drop off lane starts heating up around 8 am, BUT things may get hopping a bit earlier tomorrow. Plan accordingly.
  • Park on Hawthorne Creek Drive and walk up to the school.
  • Be prepared to wait in line. Wait times may be longer than normal, but things will get moving again soon.
  • Follow the directional flow of the the lanes. Driving the wrong way down the lane causes clog ups and is dangerous.
  • Don’t forget we have excited little bitties hopping out of cars and dashing into school to accept awards and attend Christmas parties. Drive with caution!

Here are some additional suggestions to help ease wait times! (These won’t make things go faster, but they might renew your Christmas Cheer!)

  • Dress for success – tomorrow that means wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater, Grinch t-shirt, Santa hat or Reindeer antlers!
  • Don’t forget to pour yourself a cup of coffee for the road.
  • Put on some Holiday Tunes, turn up the volume, open your windows – then SING like no one is listening.

Have a fantastic break! We will see you in the 2015!



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