Salt Creek Soccer Try Outs!



It’s that time of year again!  Soccer season is beginning and Salt Creek is looking for a great team of boys and girls to take us to victory for the third year in a row!  Try Outs for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade boys and girls will take place on Tuesday, November 18 and Wednesday, November 19 from 3:15-5:00 p.m.  Both try out dates are MANDATORY.  Please bring water, soccer ball, shin guards, and cleats.  See you there with Coach Herrera and Coach Ricketts!


4 thoughts on “Salt Creek Soccer Try Outs!

    • Hi Nicholas….great question. As soon as I hear from the Coach Dan and Mrs. Carreon about the details I will post it on the website. I’m sure that the information will be sent home to students in flyer form, also. Thanks for asking!

  1. Hello ,
    I had a couple of questions about the soccer tryouts. How do they work? Do the kids try out Tuesday and have to make a list to continue with a tryout on Wednesday? Also what days and times are the practices and games? Thanks

    • ​Try outs will be broken up into two days because of the large amount of students trying out. The first day 11/18 (first round) we will have our first try-out and will make a cut on that day. The students who make the first cut will be invited back to a second day try out on 11/19 to make the final roster. On Thursday morning we will post the final list outside the front main office.

      Practices will either take place on a Monday or Tuesday from 3:00-5:00. We will only have 1 practice a week. Games will take place every Thursdays @4 pm. Some games will be away and some at home. We don’t have the schedule of the games yet…

      Best Regards,

      Mr. Herrera

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