Attendance Matters!


The more you are here, the more you learn!  Yes, attendance is important, and this year we are on a mission to improve our attendance rate at Salt Creek!  Every month, we will recognize the class with the best rate of attendance in each grade level, and award them the Attendance Trophy to proudly display in their classroom for the month.  For the month of August, the following classrooms had the BEST rate of attendance:

  • Kindergarten – Mrs. Ramirez
  • 1st Grade – Mrs. Keyes-Hernandez
  • 2nd Grade – Mrs. Mielke
  • 3rd Grade – Mrs. Jones
  • 4th Grade – Mrs. Macias
  • 5th Grade – Mrs. Muhlbach
  • 6th Grade – Mr. Kelly

Congratulations to the students and families in these classrooms for being at school and making attendance a priority.  To improve your attendance, here are a few tips:

  • Arrange for vacations and trips during times when students are not in school:  Fall Break (2 weeks), Thanksgiving Break (1 week), Winter Break (3 weeks), Spring Break (2 weeks), Summer Break (6-7 weeks).
  • If you must be away from home and your child cannot attend school, please complete an Independent Study Contract in advance.
  • Make doctor and dentist appointments for after school hours.

Don’t forget the importance of being at school on time!  Plan on being at school no later than 8:10 a.m. – multiple tardies can also impact student learning.

Perfect Attendance Awards for individual students will also be given during our quarterly Awards Assemblies.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Mrs. Perez


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