Facts about Lice

Hearing that your child’s class may have students infested with lice can be alarming, and you will want to know what to look for in your own child as well as know what the school is doing to prevent the spread of lice. Here are some facts about lice from Kristen Danielson, M.D.:

Fact: Lice do NOT spread disease. They are a nuisance, but not a health problem.
Fact: You CANNOT get lice from pets, and pets can’t get them from people.
Fact: Having lice does NOT mean your children are dirty. In fact, research has shown that lice prefer clean hair.
Fact: Lice CANNOT jump or fly. They CAN crawl – from one head to another or from jackets to heads.
What does Salt Creek do when a case of lice is reported to the health office? When one case of lice is reported, we send home a letter to all students of the grade level notifying the parents. We also follow the Board Policy on Head Lice. You can download and read the policy here: Head Lice – BP 5141.33

It is important that if you do notice that your child has lice that you report this to the school health office immediately. You can begin treatment at home, but if you do not inform the school, we have no way of knowing to notify the other parents to prevent the spread. Download this handy one-page article from Dr. Danielson that gives specific instructions on what to do if your child gets lice. We hope that you never have to use this handout, but just in case you do, it’s great to have ready.

Facts about Lice from Kristen Danielson

If you have any more questions, please contact our school health office. Here is also a website you can access for more information: Parents Guide to Lice Outbreaks


Mrs. Perez


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