Weekly Update for August 4th to August 8th

Good Morning!

Curriculum Nights (Meet the Teacher) have been set up for every grade level. The schedule is posted below. It is important for parents to attend.  Not only will you get to meet the teacher, but you will also get to meet our principal and associate principal and hear more about some of the programs that Salt Creek Elementary School offers. See you there!

On another note, the students of Salt Creek Elementary Safety Patrol will begin to resume their regular duties this week. Please keep in mind that there will be new members in training out their learning the ropes. As always, your kindness and patience with our Safety Patrol Students is always appreciated. When dropping off and picking up your children, please remember to do it safely.

Week At a Glance

  • Monday, August 4th5:30 pm starting in the MPRCurriculum Night for Kindergarten
  • Monday, August 4th6:30 pm starting in the MPRCurriculum Night for 1st Grade (Mrs. Calcote’s 1st grade parents ONLY should attend on this night)
  • Tuesday, August 5th5:30 pm starting in the MPRCurriculum Night for 2nd Grade (Mrs. Calcote’s 2nd grade parents ONLY should attend on this night)
  • Wednesday, August 6th5:30 pm starting in the MPRCurriculum Night for 3rd Grade (Including Mr. Maes 3rd and 4th Parents)
  • Wednesday, August 6th 6:30 pm starting in the MPRCurriculum Night for 6th Grade (Mrs. Parra’s 6th & 5th grade parents should come tomorrow)
  • Thursday, August 7th5:30 pm starting in the MPRCurriculum Night for 5th Grade (Mrs. Parra’s 5th & 6th grade parents are encourage to attend this night)
  • Thursday, August 7th6:30 pm starting in the MPRCurriculum Night for 4th Grade (Excluding Mr. Maes 4th Grade parents should attend on Wednesday night at 5:30)
  • Friday, August 8thMinimum Day1:15 pm Dismissal Time

 What’s Coming Up in August?


Curriculum Nights

  • Monday, August 4th to Monday August 7th5:30 to 7:30 Starting in MPRSee “Week At a Glance” for Grade Level times

PTG President Nomination Deadline

  • Tuesday, August 5that 3 pm – 3 pm is the deadline for nominations for PTG President. If you are interested in running for PTG President, please pick up a nomination form in the front office and submit it 3pm.

PTG Election

  • Thursday, August 7thcloses at 3 pm – If you are a 2014/15 member of the PTG, you can vote for the new PTG President. Voting closes at 3 pm. More information regarding this timeline will follow shortly.

PTG Budget Meeting

  • Tuesday, August 12th6:30 pm to 8 pm in the MPR – The PTG Board meets to discuss budgetary needs and finalize the budget for the 2014/15 year.

Gate Orientation Meeting

  • Tuesday, August 19th 6pm in the MPR – Parents can find out more information about our GATE program at this information-filled meeting.

Picture Day

  • Thursday, August 21stin the MPR – Send your kids to school ready to smile and say Cheese!

Gate Orientation Meeting

  • Thursday, August 21st9 am location TBA – If you missed the first meeting, than feel free to attend this second informational meeting regarding the GATE program at Salt Creek.

NED Assembly

  • Tuesday, August 26th8:30 am to 10:30 am in the MPR – This popular assembly returns to Salt Creek. Students will meet in the MPR to enjoy this 45 minute presentation.  NED inspires students to Never Give UP, Encourage Others, & Do their Best!

Spirit Tags

  • Thursday, August 28th8am in front of the school – Spirit Tags will go on sale at 8 am. Spirit Tags cost $1 each. Come out and see what’s new.

Picture Day (the Make-up Session)

  • Thursday, August 28th8:30 am in the MPR – If your child missed picture day on August 21st, today’s the day for a do-over.







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