Salt Creek Curriculum Nights Schedule


Please join us for Curriculum Night starting next week!  Meet in the Multipurpose Room for introductions and a brief introduction from Mrs. Perez and Mrs. Du-Song, then proceed to your child’s classroom to find out more about the instructional program your teacher will be providing this year.  Our PTG (Parent Teacher Group) will also be present all four nights for membership and other questions!

  • Monday, August 4
    • 5:30  Kindergarten
    • 6:30  1st Grade (Mrs. Calcote’s 1st Grade only)
  • Tuesday, August 5
    • 5:30  2nd Grade (Mrs. Calcotes 2nd Grade only)
  • Wednesday, August 6
    • 5:30  3rd Grade (including Mr. Maes BOTH 3rd/4th)
    • 6:30  6th Grade
  • Thursday, August 7
    • 5:30  5th Grade (including Ms. Parra BOTH 5th/6th)
    • 6:30  4th Grade



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