How Salt Creek Beats the Heat!


Forecast says it will be hot on on Thursday, July 24.   Here’s what we have in place to beat the heat at Salt Creek :

  • Teachers are monitoring that students stay hydrated with water throughout the day.
  • The air-conditioned Multipurpose Room is open and available for students to read and sit with friends during recess time.
  • Noon duties are reminding students to drink water and that they can enter the Multipurpose Room during recess.
  • Teachers are limiting and modifying outdoor activities.



2 thoughts on “How Salt Creek Beats the Heat!

  1. Are packed lunches kept in the classrooms where they can stay cool? I noticed that some of the kinder classes have lunches in the sun, but I’m hoping they are moved inside until lunchtime. I put ice packs in my third grader’s and kindergartner’s lunch boxes, but I think they would melt quickly if left outdoors (especially by 12:50 when my kindergartner starts her lunch).

    • Hello Mrs. Bourne….I remind the teachers to monitor the weather and heat, and if their lunch bucket is not in a shady spot, to please bring them inside. Thanks! Mrs. Perez

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