Get Your 10th Anniversary Tile on PTAvenue

Just a quick note to remind you that the 10th Anniversary Tile Fundraiser is back until July 30th. 

Families must order their tiles in our PTAvenue Store by July 30th. Tiles will be delivered on August 1st.

Then take your tile to DayDreams Ceramic Studio (near Sprouts) and paint away. The deadline to paint your tile is August 11th. Tiles painted after this date will not make it into the school display.

If you have any questions or concerns about ordering or painting your tile please contact us at


2 thoughts on “Get Your 10th Anniversary Tile on PTAvenue

  1. Jenn, to let you know if you haven’t received an email already, when I clicked on the PTAvenue link- it said this: OOPS! Incorrect School Code ________________________________

    The schoolcode you entered was not found in our system. Please try again. If you have forgotten the code for your organization, please contact a board member who can give it to you.


    • Thanx Beckie! I am going to post the “manual” way on to the site. I think PTAvenue needs to tighten the link. I will talk to Theresa.

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