10th Anniversary Tile Fundraiser Is Back On PTAvenue

Our 10th Anniversary Tile Fundraiser was a big hit with Salt Creek Families! So due to overwhelming demand, we are selling additional tiles on our new PTG website (PTAvenue.)

Click here to visit the PTG’s online store and purchase your tile.

These tiles will only be on sale through July 30th. Tiles will be delivered August 1st and MUST BE PAINTED at Daydreams Ceramic Cafe no later than August 11th to be installed in the Salt Creek courtyard (outside the school office).

For those of you who purchased a tile in June, we hope you enjoyed visiting Daydreams Cafe over the summer to paint your tile. If you purchased a tile in June and did not paint it before the July 11th deadline, there is one more opportunity for you to paint your tile before they are installed at the school. Please have your tile painted no later than August 11th.

If you have not painted your tile by August 11th, you will miss out on the opportunity to have your tile installed at the school.

Salt Creek PTG Board


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