F.Y.I. about 2013/2014 Yearbooks

The 2013/2014 yearbooks were a big hit this year! After filling all the pre-orders, we had several yearbooks left over, but we are now officially sold-out. 

We have checked with the yearbook company, but they do not have any yearbooks left over, and they are unable to accept any more orders for the 2013/2014 year.

Pre-orders for the 2014/2015 yearbook will go on sale at the Info Fair on July 19th. If you missed out on this year’s book, please make sure that you take advantage of our pre-order process for next year.

On another note, the Salt Creek PTG wishes you all a happy, fun & safe summer break. See you in July!

One thought on “F.Y.I. about 2013/2014 Yearbooks

  1. Thank you, Salt Creek PTG, for everything you do! I’ve enjoyed my 4 years teaching 5th and/or 6th grade and I’m moving on to teach 5th grade at an American School in Colombia. Have a great summer! -Sheri Given

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