Thank You, Salt Creek Military Families!

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To celebrate Military Appreciation Month, Salt Creek held a special assembly and breakfast for all of our military families.  During our assembly sixth grader Julia Palma sang the National Anthem,  and then she and fellow student Charisma Arsua sang “Proud to be an American.”  Our fourth grade District Speech Contest winner Paola Osuna, also gave her “Liberty” speech.  Afterwards, our families enjoyed a wonderful breakfast donated by Salt Creek families, staff, and Mission Federal Credit Union.  They also enjoyed some live saxophone entertainment.  It was great to celebrate our hometown heroes and see them enjoying this special event just for them.  This event is just the first of many that Salt Creek is committed to providing to support and honor our military families.  We are one of a few Chula Vista schools that participated in a grant that provided training to create our Military Transition Team.  This team consists of staff that will ensure that military families moving into the Salt Creek community are provided with the resources they need for a smooth transition.  We will be updating our Military Families page on our website to ensure that important resources and events are posted regularly.  We welcome suggestions, feedback, and comments!


4 thoughts on “Thank You, Salt Creek Military Families!

  1. I really enjoyed the event celebrating the Military. Your Students were great and that sax player was really awesome. thanks for supporting the military parents. Sophie

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