Update on Current State of Operations: Fires

Hello Salt Creek Families.  Please see the message below sent on Behalf of the Office of the Superintendent:

Dear Parent/Guardian:

In light of the fires in the North County, we want to update you about our current state of operations, and answer questions you may have.

Will CVESD schools be open tomorrow?

Yes, according to the Air Pollution Control District, Chula Vista and Otay Mesa communities are currently in the “Good” air quality zone. We are continuing to monitor conditions. Most North County school districts will be closed at least on Thursday. In the South County, in addition to CVESD, the South Bay Union, and Sweetwater Union school districts are remaining open, and continuing to monitor the situation as well. We continue to check in with local fire officials.

Are outdoor activities continuing, like recess, after school soccer?

We are advising schools to take heat-related precautions. The County has issued a heat advisory through Thursday because of extreme heat for this time of year.

How do we find out about air quality in Chula Vista?

Visit this website: http://www.sdapcd.org/air/forecasts/otoday.html
Are there concerns about ash? At this point, not in our District.

What about field trips?

Field trips will NOT continue if scheduled on Thursday for the North and East County. Local field trips will continue as scheduled, ie, to Mater Dei, San Diego Zoo, and SeaWorld. NPS school transportation will continue as scheduled, ie there is no impact re North County.

Where can I find updated information about the fires?

The http://www.sdcountyemergency.com is a good source of info. Please bookmark this site. If you have an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet, download the County’s free mobile app SD Emergency. During an emergency, it will alert users and carry updates and maps. For school district info, we will post updates to @cvesdnews and as well as our website: http://www.cvesd.org .

If schools in CVESD need to close, how will I know?

We will send emails, text messages, and phone calls via our automated messaging system. We also will post updates to District/school websites and Twitter via @cvesdnews. Please also bookmark http://www.sdcpuntyemergency.com and http://www.ReadySetGoCV.org

The information provided is based on the most current updated information we have from SD County officials this evening. Should situations change and merit a different response from the District, such revised/updated information will be immediately provided to parents.


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