How Salt Creek Beats the Heat – UPDATE for Friday!

UPDATE for Friday, May 16:  Due to extreme heat, Salt Creek will continue to have INDOOR RECESS ONLY both a.m. and during lunch.  Teachers will remain with their classes for morning recess, and during lunch recess, students will watch a G-rated movie in the air-conditioned Multipurpose Room.  Also, there will be NO outdoor P.E. activities.  The Spring Carnival will continue as planned, the weather should cool off by evening time, however, we will continue to monitor air quality.

Whew!  It’s been hot!  Here’s what we have in place to beat the heat at Salt Creek :

  • Teachers are monitoring that students stay hydrated with water throughout the day.
  • The air-conditioned Multipurpose Room is open and available for students to watch a G-rated movie on our large screen during recess time.
  • Noon duties are reminding students to drink water and that they can enter the Multipurpose Room during recess.
  • Teachers are limiting and modifying outdoor activities.

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