The Votes Have Been Counted

Just a quick note to announce the 2014 – 2015 PTG Board. Thank you to everyone who ran for a position and to everyone who voted!

A formal introduction of new board members will happen at the Ice Cream Social on Wednesday, May 28th at 6 pm. 


  • Open 

Vice-President (New):

  • Sara Penfold

Secretary (New):

  • Gloria Velarde

Treasurer (Returning):

  • Theresa Weekes

Parliamentarian (New):

  • Fernanda Rioseco

Co-Directors of Fundraising (Returning):

  • Michelle Duarte
  • Sarah Penteriani

Director of Membership (Returning):

  • Wafa Abouhezima

Co-Directors of Communications (Returning):

  • Lisa Jones
  • Jennifer Suggitt

Co-Directors of Program (New):

  • Robin Jones
  • Susan Adams

Co-Directors of Volunteers (New):

  • Martha Montero
  • Susan Conley

One thought on “The Votes Have Been Counted

  1. Congratulations to ALL! I look forward to working with an amazing group of parents! Thank you for your commitment to our students and to Salt Creek! Mrs. Perez 🙂

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