The PTG is Accepting Nominations!

There are only 7 weeks left in the 2013/14 school year. My how time flies.

The PTG is currently accepting nominations for new board members! This includes PTG President – as Beckie Sterlitz has completed her two year term. So if you are a parent that is looking to make a difference at Salt Creek Elementary, please take some time to review the following positions. Then let us know you are interested by completing one the nomination forms.

Nomination forms can be found in the main office or by contacting us at

Salt Creek PTG

Executive Board Officers & Duties


  • The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the SCPTG and its Executive Board, and will supervise the general management of the organization. The President signs contracts and/or documents on behalf of the SCPTG, with Board approval, or appoints a representative to do so. The President shall work closely with Salt Creek’s Principal. The President may serve as a liaison with School Site Council, EastLake Education Foundation and any other organization that requests Salt Creek representation. The President shall also supervise and direct monthly Executive Board and General Membership meetings, and oversee the activities of the Directors and all Committees.

Vice President:

  • The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in his/her absence. He or she will assist the President with monthly Executive Board and General Membership meetings. The Vice President will actively preserve SCPTG related documents, photographs, and other materials to ensure continuity, and to serve as an historical record. The Vice President will also assist the Directors.


  • The Secretary shall keep written records of all Executive Board and general membership meetings and provide copies of the minutes for all members. Will record all motions and outcome of votes, and record attendance of Board members at monthly meetings. The Secretary will assist in the preparation of quarterly newsletters informing families of SCPTG news, events, and other information, and be responsible for correspondence.The Secretary willassist the Vice President in preserving SCPTG related documents, photographs and other materials to ensure continuity and to serve as historical record, andassist the Directors. He or she will also maintain and disseminate SCPTG information through the SCPTG gmail account and the school website.


  • The Parliamentarian shall keep a current list of standing rules and advise the SCPTG on the validity of any question which may arise, and be responsible for reviewing the existing bylaws. He/she may make recommendations to the SCPTG Board regarding revisions to the existing bylaws, explain any revisions at general membership meeting called for the purpose of amending the bylaws, when requested to do so by the President. At the regular meeting held for the election of officers, read those sections from the bylaws pertaining to nominations and elections, and oversee all voting procedures.

 The following Director positions may be held jointly by two people:

 Director of Programs:

  • The Director of Programs shall direct the implementation of programs sponsored by the SCPTG, including: assemblies, art, music and technology programs, be responsible for providing notice of programs to the staff and PTG membership, work in conjunction with the Director of Fundraising, and assist the President, Vice President and other Directors as needed.

 Director Volunteers:

  • The Director of Volunteers shall be responsible for recruiting and coordinating volunteers throughout the school year; to assist in the areas of: school programs, fundraising events, Eastlake Education Foundation events, room parents, and any events deemed necessary by the SCPTG board. Will also assist the President, Vice President, and other Directors as needed.

If you are a current PTG member, and you would like to be a part of the 2014-2015 Salt Creek PTG Executive Board,            please nominate yourself by returning this form to the PTG lock box in the office.

The nominees for our PTG Executive Board shall be announced on April 30th. Additional nominees (who are current PTG members) shall be accepted from the floor at that meeting.

The PTG Board election shall take place on Tuesday, May 6th from 245pm – 300pm.






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