Salt Creek Safe School Environment

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Maintaining a safe and respectful environment at Salt Creek is something that we evaluate almost on a daily basis through observation, reports, and feedback.  We held Safety Reminders assemblies for our 1st-6th grade students last week emphasizing several key points.  We thank our School Resource Officer for being present to assist in the 5th/6th grade assembly.  Please download the presentation below.  It would be a great idea to review these rules with your child.  We thank you in advance for your support and cooperation, and we welcome suggestions for continued improvement in keeping  our school a place where kids can feel secure to focus on learning and academics.

Download presentation HERE: Reminders for a SAFE School Environment


3 thoughts on “Salt Creek Safe School Environment

  1. Did kinder have an assembly, too? I thought that the 5/6 assembly was very well done. The only thing I would add is clarification regarding after school supervision/loitering.

    • Kindergarten will have their own customized assembly. The after school loitering is definitely something we also need to address. We can have a Safety Reminders Part 2. There are many items we can cover about after school safety, I’ll put something together! Thanks! Mrs. Perez

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