Smarter Balanced Practice Test


When we return from Spring Break, 3rd-6th grade students will begin taking the Smarter Balanced Common Core Field Test.  Students will take either or both Language Arts and Math, and the test will be online. Since this assessment is field test, assessment results will not count towards our school API or AYP, and results will not be available to parents or schools.  Although this test is for practice only, it’s still a good idea to prepare our students for this new assessment.  You can have your child practice at home by logging on to the Smarter Balanced website and take the Practice Test.


After accessing the page on the link above, scroll down and click the green box to the right.  Don’t worry about entering a Username or ID number, just click “Sign On”, select your grade level, select “Yes”, select a test, and start.  If you have any questions about how your child is being prepared for the academic content of the questions, please speak to your child’s teacher.

We understand that this is new for our students (and parents!), so it’s important we do our best to ease any test anxiety our children may have.  Exposing them to this online practice test is a good start.  We’ll communicate more details about the field test closer to the assessment window.



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