Volunteer Needed – Salt Creek Elementary Representative for EEF

Every year the Eastlake Education Foundation awards our school a technology grant. This year Salt Creek Elementary School will again receive $16,000. There are also 4 additional opportunities to earn $1,000 grants. One of these opportunities is an event called Cycle Eastlake. Cycle Eastlake takes place on Saturday, April 26th. For Salt Creek Elementary to earn the $1,000 grant for this event we must meet the following requirements:

1. One Parent Committee member to attend meetings on  the following days:

  • Wednesday, February 5th & Wednesday, February 19th
  • Wednesday, March 5th & Wednesday, March 26th
  • Wednesday, April 9th & Wednesday, April 16th

2. One Business Sponsor for $150.

3. Six Volunteers for the day of the event (April 26th.)

4. Seventy participants to sign up to participate in Cycle Eastlake.

All we are looking for right now is  one (1) parent volunteer to become Salt Creek’s representative for Cycle Eastlake. This person would need to attend the 6 meetings listed above. The rest of the requirements will be taken care of.

If you are interested in helping Salt Creek Elementary earn this $1,000 grant, please contact Beckie Sterlitz at saltcreekptg@yahoo.com.

We appreciate all the time and effort the parents at this school take to help make each school year a success for our kids. Thank you!



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