Internet Safety, Technology, & EEF at Salt Creek


On Thursday, January 23, about 30-40 Salt Creek parents attended our Internet Safety Workshop presented by Antwon Lincoln.  Great resources were shared, including the NetSmartz online resource for parents and students.  Click the following links to access these interactive resources and learn about how you can help your child be safe online.

Click HERE for for PARENTS

Click HERE for for KIDS

At Salt Creek we value technology and work to update our computers and iPads regularly.  We have a computer lab that houses 31 machines, and all classrooms are scheduled to work in our lab at least once a week.  Programs such as Accelerated Reader, Spelling City, Reading A-Z, Adapted Mind, and Raz Kids are some of the learning tools that our teachers use to enhance your child’s learning experience.  Each wing also has iPads that teachers share for classroom use.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Eastlake Educational Foundation, we are able to have two computer technicians who support the maintenance of our machines, as well as support our Imagine Learning English program.  We also look forward to receiving three laptop carts by March of this year as part of the district’s Common Core technology allocation to support online learning and future online assessments. 



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