Red Bus Zone Enforcement after Winter Break

This week we have been giving courtesy notices to drivers using the red bus zone to drop off their children.  After the Winter Break, CVPD will be enforcing CV Municipal Code 10.52.060 * .

The red Bus Zone is for loading and unloading of school buses and licensed childcare providers only.  Cars will no longer be allowed to enter, drop off, or pick up in the red Bus Zone.

Not only is this practice against the Vehicle Code, it is unsafe.  We appreciate your cooperation by following safe traffic patterns and using the yellow loading/unloading zone only to drop off and pick up your children.  We suggest that families plan to arrive to school a few minutes earlier than usual to avoid the last-minute congestion and rush.  School starts promptly at 8:15 a.m.

Thank you!

*No stopping zones and no parking areas – Driver obedience required.  When curb markings or parking control devices are in place, no operator of any vehicle shall stop, stand or park such vehicle adjacent to any such legible curb marking or parking control device in violation of any of the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 2670, 1996; Ord. 973 § 1, 1966; prior code § 19.10.3(B)).


2 thoughts on “Red Bus Zone Enforcement after Winter Break

  1. We were allow by the school to do it.
    Drop off kids there if buses were not there.
    We are a lot if cars in the morning. I think there should be another option.

    • Hello……unfortunately the school does not have the authority to alter the Vehicle Code. The CVPD was consulted this year about flexibility on this, however, they must enforce the code. The school is open to listening to other options to relieve traffic congestion in the morning, however, we cannot compromise safety for convenience. Please come to the Coffee Chat this Thursday and let’s talk about some ideas! Thanks, Mrs. Perez.

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